from Calm by SPC ECO



Produced Recorded and Mixed by Dean Garcia
Written by Rose Berlin and Dean Garcia
Rose Berlin Voice Words and Bass Drop
Dean Garcia Bass Drums Guitars Keys and Programming


Taking all the time, to take me out of mind
And tear you apart, I'm gone
You're sitting on the edge of the bed
Looking like you're almost dead at once of enough
You're never gonna fail, bump your head
Once you said you weren't dead, destroy all
Like ghosts, Like a ghost in the back room
looking like you should
No More let it on me, let it all be a home to learn it from,
No more, let it all be
Maybe I was wrong, maybe i should just leave you alone
I don't know how you get down
Moments have a past, never looking last
I've never lost a meaning at all
Look into your eyes, make me laugh, I'm getting hold
It's in torn up pieces
Get out of my house
No more, let it be, that you always hated me
Why, I'm never surprised, never looked twice
Never hurt no body, nobody
Maybe you can mask, maybe make it last
Help me to describe a mistake
Move it out of somewhere , stick it to a heart and run it out
you're not me.


from Calm, released August 22, 2017


all rights reserved




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